NEW IN SHOP: ‘This Heart of Mine’ Enamel Pin

'This Heart of Mine' Enamel Pin - Lumelena'This Heart of Mine' Enamel Pin - Lumelena'This Heart of Mine' Enamel Pin - Lumelena'This Heart of Mine' Enamel Pin - Lumelena'This Heart of Mine' Enamel Pin - Lumelena

I’m definitely excited about these little beauties! I LOVE enamel pins, so it was no suprise that I found myself hankering to create one. My new gold detailed pins look dreamy on a denim jacket, and I thought it was so cute when my Mum asked for dibs on the first one, which she is proudly wearing on her lapel right now 🙂 (Hi Mum! lol)
It feels like it’s been the longest wait from the design stage to finally having these pins sitting pretty in the studio, but I’m so pleased with the quality. They’re cute and delicate but so robust and hard-wearing, and the gold finish is just so pretty! The soft enamel creates a lovely dimensional depth and tactile finish, and the pins have a traditional lapel pin back secured by a gold metal clutch.
I’ve got an obsession with hands at the moment, and I just love the combination of white, red and gold *heart eyes emoji*. I’m thinking of doing a few more hand pins to add to the collection because I just think they’re so cute.
My shop is looking a bit sparse at the moment but I’ve got lots of new stuff coming soon which should hopefully be available for Christmas, including more prints and pins, and possibly some tees as well.
I don’t normally get very excited about Christmas but this year I’ve got the festive feels. Although our house is currently a renovation nightmare and probably will be well into the New Year, I’m still looking forward to making it feel all snuggly and putting the tree up. I don’t want to get too excited too early though! It’s not even November yet!
Are you guys excited for Christmas yet?
The ‘This Heart of Mine’ enamel pin is now available to buy in the shop!



October is here and that means it’s Halloween! Although I’ve never really celebrated it, I love all the decorations and Autumn colours. I’m definitely going to do some pumpkins this year and make the house feel all spooky and cosy with lots of candles.


Halloween wouldn’t be complete without some sugar skulls so I created this printable invitation for those of you that are having parties this year.


Sugar Skull Halloween Invitation

Personal use only



Today is the first day of Summer but thanks to the weather it feels nothing like it. It’s warm but it’s been raining for what feels like a month and it’s supposed to stay that way for the next week or so. It’s June, what’s going on?!
I’m spending my rainy Monday wishing it was the weekend again with walks in the woods during the intermittent dry spells. I don’t mind the rain really, I’m an April baby so a few showers don’t really bother me. I find it relaxing – I’ve been working with the back door wide open today so I can hear it and smell that loamy smell of warm rain. It can get quite tiresome though when you want to go out for walks and to run errands. Annoyingly, it’s also held up our builders for the last week too. I shouldn’t complain too much, at least it’s still warm and I don’t have to worry about watering my plants!
I hope you’re all having a good start to the week.