Botanical Study: Viburnum

I took a little trip to the florists yesterday to replenish my flower stocks at home. I always like to have flowers in the house so I normally visit the flower shop every week or so depending how long my current flowers have lasted.

I love spring flowers but I feel like I've overdone it on the tulips this year and I've had a bunch in nearly every colour of the rainbow. I'm feeling ready and eager for more summery florals and I can't wait for peony season and other cute summer flowers like sweet peas and wildflowers.

I felt a bit uninspired when I went in the florist shop and wasn't really sure what to get. In the end I settled for some simple green foliage and delicate whites and picked a few branches of eucalyptus, baby's breath and this viburnum.

I really love viburnum and I always forget what a lovely flower it is. It's a lovey foliage for late-spring / early-summer picking and it's great for filling gaps in bright bouquets. The little round clusters of tiny, acid-green petals move through to a creamy-green colour and on to pure white as the flower matures. I captured this scan of the fluffy flowers and I really love the detail and texture of the delicate petals.

It's starting to feel very summery this week as it's getting warmer and the sun has been out - I'm itching for summer now!

I hope you're all having a lovely hump day 🙂