Inspired by: Oliver Jeffers Dipped Paintings

It's been a very busy and gloriously sunny week so far - I hope you're all having a good week - the weekend is nearly here!

I've been working with the lovely Carolina from Light Morango on a new layout and design for this blog as I feel it could do with some improvements and changes so watch this space for a little update happening over here soon.

Despite being busy with work and my new blog design, I've had a little time to spend on creating something just because which has been nice. These were inspired by Oliver Jeffers Dipped Paintings - a project I've always loved, so I created a more contemporary version with some editorial photography and spring pastels.



Original images from “Endless Summer - Series 1”

Photographer: Jodie McBride

Stylist: Marisa Sidoti

H&MU: Angie Barton

Model: Annalise McLachlan & Olive Cooke

Clothing: Rowie & Goddess of Babylon