Download: The Night Sky at Christmas

The Night Sky At Christmas

I can't believe it's Christmas in 3 days! I have been so unorganised this year - I still haven't bought any presents (eek!) I think I'm finding it hard to get in the mood this year because we haven't got a tree up at home. We're still renovating and decorating and there just isn't the room amongst the paint tins and mess. I feel a bit sad about not having a tree, it's the first time I've ever not had one. I did help Mum decorate hers though so at least I didn't miss out entirely.

In an attempt to feel a bit more festive, I created this astronomical chart to bring some sparkle to my desktop and try and get me in the mood. How amazing would it be if the night sky looked like this on Christmas eve! There's a download link below if you want to spruce up your desktop wallpaper with a starry sky and Christmas constellations.

We haven't got anything overly special planned this year, just food and family time.

I hope you all have some lovely things planned for the holidays!