The Last Valentines Roses

I received a dozen red roses from the hubby for Valentines Day this year and I am feeling all the love this February. I'm a lucky girl as Matt is always romantic but we all know some men can be a bit rubbish when it comes to frequently showing their affection. Some girls may feel disgruntled that the rare annual romantic gesture from their man felt far too fleeting. It's been ten days since we all celebrated love and it's probably safe to say that all the chocolate has been eaten, the cards have come down and the bouquets are starting to wilt. This is definitely true in our house but unlike normal girls who have probably sadly thrown their dying flowers away by now, mine are still sat in their vase on the mantlepiece.

Contrary to the norm, I tend to keep flowers well past their stages of full bloom because I still love the way they look when they start to die and dry out. My Valentines roses are no exception to my long life floral rule, so I decided to capture one of my favourite stages as the petals begin to curl and turn a beautiful ochre. I am obsessed with the moody, romantic feel and the combination of dark tones, rich reds, greens and ochre. You can really see all the textures and veins of the petals and I'm so glad I documented this botanical stage because now I can enjoy them forever.

I had so much fun scanning these gorgeous red roses and I have so many beautiful images! I managed to choose just a few to share with you but I also shared some close up details on my Instagram stories. I'm also thinking about using some of the scans to make some art prints for the shop - let me know whether you guys would like to see never ending roses on your walls?

If you still have your Valentines blooms but they are beginning to look a little worse for wear and you can't bear to get rid of them just yet, make sure you change the water daily to deter any bad smells and remove any leaves. I always think that as they start to dry out, they look better without leaves.

If you really want to make your blooms last forever but you don't have a scanner, you could always press them and frame them! Just because you're blooms are dying, it doesn't mean they are any less beautiful.

I hope you all had a lovely Valentines Day and you are all feeling loved 🙂