Moodboard No. 01

Moodboard No.01

Does anyone else feel like January is the most challenging month of the year, or is it just me? Trying to find the motivation to kick off the new year with positive vibes can be really difficult when the days are long and dark, and the weather is cold and dreary. Not to mention the post Christmas come-down from copious amounts of chocolate and sugar. It's the time of year we are supposed to be enthusiastic about the months to come but the pressure to make resolutions and start working furiously towards your goals can feel a bit overwhelming. I'll be honest, I just want to curl up in my pyjamas and watch a marathon of Friends episodes on Netflix.

Well this year, I've decided not to be so hard on myself. Instead, I am embracing the slow pace of January. I'm allowing myself to recharge; taking my time to plan out the months ahead without feeling guilty for not diving head first into a new year. There has always been the preconceived notion of 'new year, fresh start' but in the past I have found getting on the self-improvement bandwagon to be a huge flop. I usually jump on in some way or another - either with some fad diet, harsh fitness regime, unachievable goals or tight deadlines - and within a few weeks, I've either slipped, or fallen off completely into a sad heap of disappointment and exhaustion.

So this year, I'm using January as my buffer month. It's not to say that I haven't set myself goals or I haven't got aims to make some self-improvements, but I am definitely going to take it slower and steadier and be a bit kinder to myself along the way. I know from previous years that I have forced my New Years resolutions so hard upon myself that I haven't enjoyed them. They have often felt like self-inflicted regimes that I have plucked aimlessly from the standard list of self-improvement practices (get fit, eat healthy, sleep better etc.), rather than well thought out personal goals. So this time, I am going to allow myself some space to take stock and really think about what I want to achieve, but not pressure myself too much. It feels like the much kinder and positive approach.

I've been doing a few simple things to make January feel a little less draining and a little more serene - I think I might create a separate post to share how I've tackled the January blues (hint - they involve food and pampering). For now, I'll just share this moodboard that defines exactly how I feel this month.