Botanical Patterns: Pressed Posies

Pressed Posies

Well this week has been a long one and I couldn't be happier that it's Friday. I've mostly been running errands today which I wouldn't mind so much if it wasn't so cold out. We've had flurries of snow and there's a bitter wind that makes venturing outdoors particularly unappealing - a day spent wrapped in a hundred blankets would have been a much better option.

Despite the cold, February is here and I'm feeling a lot more productive. I've been working on some new stock for the shop and a little revamp for my branding which I will share in the next few weeks. We've also been making progress on the house renovations and we have lots of plans in the pipeline so I'm excited about the next few months and all the things to come.

We may be in the depths of Winter but I'm feeling positive and full of good vibes so I felt like it was time for some flowers. I'm totally over Winter now and so ready to say goodbye to living in greyscale. These botanical patterns definitely make Spring feel just that little bit closer and bring some much needed colour back into my life! I'm loving the subtle tones of these pressed florals.

So if any of you are feeling as fed up as I am of the dreary weather, I have made these botanical patterns available as downloadable wallpapers for your desktop and iPhone. I hope they brighten up your day and you all have lovely weekend!


Desktop  |   iPhone 8  |   iPhone 8 Plus

Personal use only

Pressed Posies