Today is the first day of Summer but thanks to the weather it feels nothing like it. It's warm but it's been raining for what feels like a month and it's supposed to stay that way for the next week or so. It's June, what's going on?!

I'm spending my rainy Monday wishing it was the weekend again with walks in the woods during the intermittent dry spells. I don't mind the rain really, I'm an April baby so a few showers don't really bother me. I find it relaxing - I've been working with the back door wide open today so I can hear it and smell that loamy smell of warm rain. It can get quite tiresome though when you want to go out for walks and to run errands. Annoyingly, it's also held up our builders for the last week too. I shouldn't complain too much, at least it's still warm and I don't have to worry about watering my plants!

I hope you're all having a good start to the week.

Its Friday, yay! And because it's Friday I've got, not one, but two peony related treats for you. Peony season is officially in full swing and it's safe to say there is some serious peony love going on in my house at the moment. These beauties are everywhere at the moment - they're an Instagrammers' dream but they are quite hard to get hold of in the height of the season because they are just so popular!

I've been ordering mine from Bloom & Wild and I cannot stop singing their praises. They are by far the best floral delivery service! The flowers arrive swiftly at your door and they are packaged so beautifully. They are almost flat packed and all the buds are protected in little net sheaths. They have some lovely peonies available at the moment and they last for ages. So my first little treat for you is £10 off your first order with Bloom & Wild - just use the link below to get your discount!


£10 OFF at Bloom & Wild


My second Friday treat for you guys is this botanical downloadable wallpaper so that you can fill your desktop with peonies! Hopefully these two goodies should satisfy all your peony needs!


Stop & Smell The Peonies Desktop Wallpaper

Personal use only

June is being lovely so far! The weather is hot and sunny and we've had some thunderstorms, which I love! The building works on our new garage is also making progress - hopefully the roof will be going on next week and the end will be in sight. I'm excited to get it finished now so we can move  out all the stuff we've been storing in the house and start decorating during the Summer months. We also got our outdoor furniture for the courtyard and a few plants which I need to pot over the weekend, then I can style the space to make it look all lovely. We have been having dinner outside in the evenings too which has been so nice.

Now that Summer feels like it's truly here, I'm lusting over a few essentials, and by lusting, I mean, I need them!

The Pixi Hydrating Milky Mist is so nice to use during my morning skincare routine, especially during these hotter months when my skin gets a bit dehydrated. It's so refreshing and makes my skin feel dewy and revitalised. After I've given my face a nice spritz, I like to use the Aesop Parsley Seed Anti-Oxidant Facial Hydrator to moisturise and protect my skin. I am coming to the end of both of these products so I will definitely be ordering them again as they're such a nice combination.

I know it may seem a bit excessive to need two new swimsuits but you can never have enough one-pieces, right?! I think it's justified considering it is holiday season and H&M swimwear is such a bargain! I've wanted a white one-piece for ages and I really love the lacing and gold eyelet detail on this H&M White Swimsuit, which they have in blue too. I also really love the watercolour effect and the colours on the H&M Striped Halterneck Swimsuit which is a bit different from the sort of thing I'd normally buy.

I've been on the hunt for a new Summer fragrance this year and I had a tester for Michael Kors Coral - it's quite sweet and tropical so it's right up my street, and I love the packaging, so I think this will be my weapon of choice.

What's a wish list without some accessories? The COS Necklace with Stacked Rings is sleek and simple, and it's long which is a nice change to the usual short and dainty necklaces I tend to wear. I'm also on the look out for a new straw hat as my old one has pretty much had it and I like to keep my head in the shade. The Janessa Leoné Klint hat is just gorgeous!

And, well, I cannot stop swooning over those Celiné Bevel Round Sunglasses - they are amazing! They come in a few shades (excuse the pun) but the milky colours are so nice. I'm torn between milky saffron and milky khaki!

What Summer essentials are you lusting over this year?

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I've been working on this mini collection for a while now and I've finally published it to the shop. It's just a small collection that combines my love of roses, lettering and monochrome. Each print is available in several sizes to suit most standard frames but custom sizes are available upon request.

Visit the shop to see the full collection.



I can't believe it's June already! This year is whizzing by so fast but at least it's officially Summer now so I shouldn't complain too much.

There's not too much scheduled in June for us except my Mum's birthday and probably a few outings to enjoy the sun - hopefully it shows its face for the majority.

Here's a free downloadable desktop calendar to help you keep track of June before it slips away like the rest of the year!

I hope you have some fun things planned this summer!



June Desktop Calendar