Embarking on a life of freelancing can be pretty daunting - I won't lie. Throwing in the 9-5 towel and working to be your own boss is both stressful and exhilarating, and there's a lot to think about.

Being a freelancer can bring you more freedom, a better work-life balance and greater financial rewards, but it’s also a lot of responsibility and a lot of learning. You will become the centre of your own business and will need to fill the shoes of several roles by becoming your own finance department, marketing team and salesperson, not to mention the creative brains of the operation.

I recently joined the 'going it alone' club and I've found the transition into freelancing both liberating and rewarding, but I've also found that it requires a lot of trial and error, and a lot of learning as you go (boy, am I learning!)

Thankfully there are lots of other great creatives out there on the same journey and some of them are lovely enough to share their own knowledge and experiences.

The Freelance Edit will be a personal project and feature for this blog where I can share what I'm learning from my experience of freelancing. I hope to cover all sorts of topics and aspects from the life of a freelancer by sharing tips and creating guides - after all... knowledge is power.


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After 6 months of being in our new house, Summer is nearly here and we've started to renovate. We're starting on the outside spaces by building a new garage, landscaping the driveway, fitting a new front door and creating a lovely little space in our courtyard garden.

We live in a cute Victorian terrace (*heart eyes emoji*) with quite a quirky footprint in terms of the outside space. Our house is on a private road that runs right along the front of the terrace and on the other side of the road we have a long garden that stretches back, away from the front of the house. Over the years the large, overlooked front gardens have been converted into more practical driveways and parking as they are easily accessed by the road. There are a few of our neighbours that still use them as gardens but this is crazy to me as I certainly couldn't be able to relax in a garden at the front of the house.. but hey, each to their own. It was one of the major selling points for us when we bought our house as we needed lots of parking and it's pretty rare to find somewhere in the centre of town with just that. The only thing that's missing is a garage (or man cave) which we're now in the midst of building.

At the back of the house we have a cute little courtyard garden that's very secluded and south-facing. Our next project is to tidy it up and make it pretty, so we can dine and drink cocktails outside in the summer - al fresco style. We've already put up a new fence and laid new Indian sandstone slabs but we still need to add some finishing touches.

I want to stick to quite a minimal, contemporary approach to the space, as it isn't the biggest, with exposed brickwork and large, light-coloured sandstone slabs to keep it light and airy.

In terms of furniture I'm thinking about getting a white or grey table with benches, maybe this Falster set from IKEA which will be perfect for when we have people over. We might also have a separate sofa bench for lounging with some bright cushions to add some colour, like this Applaro/Hallo sofa bench from IKEA and these velvet and linen backed cushions from Graham & Green, or these geo cushions from Oliver Bonas.

We'll also need to get a new outside light and I've got my eye on this Nordlux bulkhead outdoor wall light from John Lewis. I might even go all out and hang some string lights like this teardrop festoon from Cox and Cox.

I've also had my eye on the Sintra dinnerware set from Habitat for a while so a new outdoor dining space might be a perfect excuse to purchase it!

I plan to fill the rest of the space with various plants in terracotta pots to add some warm tones and some much-needed greenery.

Hopefully our lovely little courtyard garden will be ready for the next warm spell so we can enjoy it in the sun. I'll be sure to do a post once it's finished.

It's been a very busy and gloriously sunny week so far - I hope you're all having a good week - the weekend is nearly here!

I've been working with the lovely Carolina from Light Morango on a new layout and design for this blog as I feel it could do with some improvements and changes so watch this space for a little update happening over here soon.

Despite being busy with work and my new blog design, I've had a little time to spend on creating something just because which has been nice. These were inspired by Oliver Jeffers Dipped Paintings - a project I've always loved, so I created a more contemporary version with some editorial photography and spring pastels.



Original images from “Endless Summer - Series 1”

Photographer: Jodie McBride

Stylist: Marisa Sidoti

H&MU: Angie Barton

Model: Annalise McLachlan & Olive Cooke

Clothing: Rowie & Goddess of Babylon

I took a little trip to the florists yesterday to replenish my flower stocks at home. I always like to have flowers in the house so I normally visit the flower shop every week or so depending how long my current flowers have lasted.

I love spring flowers but I feel like I've overdone it on the tulips this year and I've had a bunch in nearly every colour of the rainbow. I'm feeling ready and eager for more summery florals and I can't wait for peony season and other cute summer flowers like sweet peas and wildflowers.

I felt a bit uninspired when I went in the florist shop and wasn't really sure what to get. In the end I settled for some simple green foliage and delicate whites and picked a few branches of eucalyptus, baby's breath and this viburnum.

I really love viburnum and I always forget what a lovely flower it is. It's a lovey foliage for late-spring / early-summer picking and it's great for filling gaps in bright bouquets. The little round clusters of tiny, acid-green petals move through to a creamy-green colour and on to pure white as the flower matures. I captured this scan of the fluffy flowers and I really love the detail and texture of the delicate petals.

It's starting to feel very summery this week as it's getting warmer and the sun has been out - I'm itching for summer now!

I hope you're all having a lovely hump day 🙂

I've been a bit quiet over here on my blog for a while but I've been so busy with work and setting up my shop, which I'm now happy to say is OPEN!

There's still a few bits to do and lots more prints to publish but I'll slowly be adding new listings over the next few weeks.

I hope you're all having a lovely start to your week and head over to my SHOP and have a little look see!